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Beau Adams
Beau Adams

Vray Rendering Presets Free 36

I tried to get a reallstic real time render by rendering to texture using vray, 3ds max and marvelous designer.I downloaded some free statues models from .I really liked the results, and Sketchfab is a very powerful 3d viewer so far.I am working on a making of tutorial.

Vray Rendering Presets Free 36

We use Corona almost exclusively at The Boundary, but after so many years of using vray I still follow development closely and use it for things that corona cant do. In converting an old project, 152 Elizabeth Street to corona, I thought it would be a good time to write a blog post on the differences between the two rendering engines and also to see how much Vray has improved since I used it to render this project in 2014/15.

Hope this has been useful for some, feel free to download share files & play with them. If you would like to read more about Octane Related related stuff, GPU rendering from software to hardware - feel free to visit tomGlimps.

The cool thing with vray's color mapping is that even if you are rendering to 32 bit exrs (or 16 bit images) and dont want to burn in the gamma, you can still make use of reinhard burn to speed up your renders. In this example the slow one is set up using strict linear workflow (well actually reinhard burn 1.0 which is the same thing) and the quick one is reinhard burn 0.05 but with the mode changed to 'NONE (don't apply anything)'. This means vray internally uses a burn of 0.05 for adaptation, but doesn't mess around with the rgb values in your image. In the examples below the fast one is noticeably noiser, but the difference in speed is huge so you could easily reduce the noise and still be a lot quicker.


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