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Transistor Equivalent Book Pdf Free Download [VERIFIED]

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transistor equivalent book pdf free download

the transistor equivalent book series provides a unique resource for product and circuit designers, system engineers and product manufacturers who require quick, concise, and clear, up-to-the-minute, and clearly written cross reference information on the most widely used electronic components. the series contains specifications, circuitry, applications, and design information on the key components of the standard cell libraries. the series includes high resolution line drawings, transistor equivalent books specifications, and circuitry cross references. each book contains a clear, concise, transistor equivalent book - to-220- volume and title, cross reference table and index, a recommended applications section, and, when relevant, a list of other manufacturers' products with comparable specifications. the books are designed to be used with a soldering station and hot air gun. the series is meant to be used as a guide to an entire circuit. transistor equivalent books are cross-reference to other component specifications. for example, the series contains a cross-reference to general electric parts, and to the specification for the same part. other specifications, cross-references, and circuit diagrams are referenced in many volumes. these books are also cross-referenced to transistor equivalent book: parts: pnp transistor equivalent books and npn transistor equivalent books, semiconductor technology cross-reference, technologic cross-reference, transistor cross-reference, catalog cross-reference, transistor catalog cross-reference, diodes cross-reference, diode catalog cross-reference, and diodes cross-reference. each book also has a cross-reference to cross-references. for example, transistor equivalent books to-220 has a cross-reference to cross-references. the series also includes a cross-reference to the manufacturer's guide for the component. for example, general electric has a guide for the transistor equivalent book: to-220.


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