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Buy Refrigerator Sears __FULL__

Get an energy-efficient top freezer refrigerator with sufficient refrigeration capacity from Sears. The top freezer refrigerators offer plenty of usable storage space with an easy to access freezer compartment.

buy refrigerator sears

Sears offers several budget-friendly top freezer refrigerators to meet your cooling and storage needs. The rows of shelves provide sufficient space to organize food, beverages and condiments. Equipped with several useful features like in-door ice makers, water dispensers and more, the top freezer refrigerators are a good pick for food storage.

The top freezer refrigerators provide spacious interior storage option for groceries, fresh produce, dairy items, beverages and more. The door gallon storage offers ample space to fit large items like milk bottles. Refrigerator brands like Frigidaire, LG and Kenmore refrigerator come with humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. Designed with adjustable shelves, the top freezer refrigerator easily accommodates all leftovers. Store and organize food items for quick and easy reach when needed in the clear storage bins.

The latest design feature of a top freezer refrigerator includes reversible door option to suit any kitchen formats. With finger-resistant finish, the top freezer refrigerator looks sparkly clean always. LED lights make it easy to locate foods stored inside the refrigerator or freezer section. Brands like GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and more offer factory-installed ice maker to ensure you never run out of supply. Many top freezer refrigerators feature frost-free technology to help you save time in manually removing the ice buildup. If you want to save on energy cost, opt for energy-star certified refrigerators from Sears.

Some top freezer refrigerator offers flexible design that can be turned completely into refrigerator units to accommodate more non-frozen food. This innovative feature is suitable for large families to fill with more trays, fresh produce or leftovers. Furthermore, the freezer section is located at an eye level to help you easily find frozen food.

Sears offer many options for top freezer refrigerator from counter-depth model to standard-depth model in classic white, black or stainless steel. Choose from top brands like LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Samsung and more to get a perfect finishing look as per your kitchen style.

Pick top freezer refrigerators that offer a combination of style and functionality from Sears. The practical and useful features of the top freezer refrigerators make them a perfect pick for any household. Select from multiple finishes to blend with your kitchen decor.

Once recognized as the go-to destination for dishwashers and refrigerators, Sears gave up an estimated $1 billion in major appliance sales last year, according to analysis by TWICE and The Stevenson Company.

I spent $3k on a Kenmore Elite model $ 79574023 and the refrigerator and freezer stopped working yesterday. The Sears repair tech failed to show up today after I took the day off and rescheduled for Friday. In the meantime, I have a refrigerator that doesn't work and family coming in for the Christmas holiday.

I know you said that you checked the refrigerant but do you know that for the Kenmore Elite series appliances (refrigerators) that there is a warranty of Five Years on the Sealed Refrigerant System and Ten Years on the Linear Compressor This is not as good as it sounds. After 1 year you still have to pay for the labour to get it repaired under warranty, just not the parts. Something to think about if you find that the compressor is faulty.

I own an appliance repair company. Here is the straight scoop: It is the LG LINEAR COMPRESSOR that is failing. It is not a 'sears' problem, it is LG. Yes, Kenmore is a trademark of sears, but it is still the LG compressor that is failing. Here is how to proceed: Get a new compressor AND condenser AND FILTER DRIER under LG or Sears warranty and call a trusted 'sealed system' capable appliance repair person. They will charge you about $300-$500. to change it out. Unless there is a successful class action or you are ready to lawyer up and go after them yourself, this is your only course of action.

No fix for mind either, it's the compressor which is an epidemic on these LG refrigerators. They only last anywhere between one to three years. And like stated above no one wants to work on them. I did get a local repair guy to come out as soon as he looked at it he said throw it away and buy a new one. He said Samsung and LG make the worst refrigerators on the market with the least warranties. He said I know it's horrible news, I would love to take your money, but you need to cut your losses and buy a reliable refrigerator. I was advised putting any money into my LG refrigerator would be a waste because it would develop the same problem in short-order again. He said purchase either GE, Whirlpool, or Frigidaire. I opted for a new Frigidaire with a 5 year warranty

Good luck! Sears/Kenmore/LG have been unethical and deceptive with these refrigerators. Companies cannot take advantage of their customers like this, it is just completely unacceptable. If they made a bad product, they need to own that 100%.

Sears/Kenmore takes no responsibility for well known issue. Ive had my Kenmore high end fridge with LG compressor a little over 2 years. I also found out Kenmore now warranties their refrigerators 1 year, even on internal major components???? They changed the internal parts warranty from 5 years to only 1 around 2017 when the main component was found to be faulty and Class Action suites filed. How shady is that?

I was advised Kenmore and LG are a good brand and advertises should last for 10-20 years??! I cannot believe I will be out $2000+ for this refrigerator and demand it be replaced or would like to file another Class action lawsuit, as no time has past and they already will not honor it past Feb 2021 even though its only been 2 years since I bought mine direct from Sears. - Corporate Greed

I also cannot believe Kenmore and LG knows about this and dismisses their customers and does not care if people can afford this costly repair $500-$1000+ or that their customers bought a high end refrigerator that was known to have a default. If in fact this major part (the thing that makes the whole thing work) is warrantied with LG, I expect labor to be covered as well, but Kenmore / Sears do not honor that.

Same problem here. Refrigerator is slightly more than a year old. Completely stopped cooling. Couple hundred dollars of food trashed or given away. Sears repairman came out and said the compressor needed to be replaced. Ten days waiting on parts. On the seventh day the refrigerator started working again. Technician finally returned to finish the job. Everything operates normally with no error codes. Says there is nothing he can do and to call back if it happens again. Yeah.... right. Another $95 bill and nothing to show for it. It appears to be a common occurrence for these refrigerators to stop working for no known reason, and Kenmore has no fix for it.

It is common for these refrigerators to have bad relays , this is why it is running erratic, and probably not sending power down to the compressor, someone who knows what they are doing can replace the relays. I do this all the time, I am a appliance technician.

Good luck. All technicians tell me compressor will fail in 12-24 months. Look up thru Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Calling Sears or LG, is an endless headache. Expect to be transferred all over the Philippines and get no answers, except being referred back to pay $50 a month to insure your appliances. Then when your refrigerator breaks you pay 1/2 price. Sound absolutely wrong, well it is.

Well I replaced the compressor in mine and it worked for about 10 months and now is broken again. This time the problem is that the refrigerator is not cooling sufficiently (55-58 deg) but the freezer seems ok (5 deg). Evaporator fan in the fridge is running and the evaporator coil in fridge is only slightly frosted (first few inches). The high and low line pressures when compressor is running are about 125 and 7 respectively, which is about where they were when the compressor was changes (100/0 according to my notes). So the compressor has not failed this time, but for some reason the refrigerator evap is not cooling. I suppose it could be a restriction or maybe the 2-way valve that supplies the two evaporator circuits is not operating properly. I assume it is not worth fixing again unless someone knows otherwise.

I see that LG has recently increased their warranty to cover 5 YEARS LABOR!!! This will apply to any refrigerator purchased in the past 5 years and should help a lot of people experiencing this compressor problem. Unfortunately, I cannot get any info as to whether it will apply to Kenmore branded LG systems like mine. I suspect it will not. Here is the updated warranty info:

My latest technician has been very helpful, but my refrigerator was down for 6 weeks. Came to house 5x. He told me he had a French Door made by LG and put is to the curb. Same answer last year with other technician. He suggested getting a GE Refrigerator. They are working on these all day.

Had the sears repair guy visit regarding kenmore elite fridge not cooling only 3 years old. Compressor shot ordered new one under warranty. Call out fee $99 wait 3-4 weeks for technician to return and install new compressor another $260. LG junk never again. All the while sears try and up sell monthly warranty on all your kenmore purchased items for $50 a month.

Has anyone found the fix to this? Is it really the compressor that goes bad? I read a comment on here where the voltage was all over the place during testing the voltage on the compressor. Mine is doing the same thing but on the fridge diagram it states to replace the main control board if it fails that test. I ordered a new one for 180 off ebay. Hopefully that fixes it but i have high doubts it will due to reading this last comment regards the compressor. This is a huge flaw on these refrigerators. We shouldnt have to take a hit on food expenses and repairs. We all need to get together for a lawsuit. Everything is working on my fridge its just not cooling. Fans lights bottons no error codes. Compressor runs constantly without kicking out. Compressor lines are warm to the touch and condenser coils are not getting hot like they should. Please help if anyone has an answer to the issue. Im already leaning towards the compressor failing. Thanks to all in advance 041b061a72


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