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5G network services and devices were launched earlier by Ooredoo in Kuwait via collaboration with Huawei (following a multi-vendor 5G launch by Ooredoo Qatar) and the mobile operator says it is currently speeding up the delivery of more network stations to be 5G-ready in Kuwait and Oman, offering around 100 times faster download speeds than 4G networks. In 2020, Ooredoo will launch 5G commercial services in additional countries across its group footprint.

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During Q2 2021, there was no statistically slowest province, though four provinces had median mobile download speeds less than 11.00 Mbps: Jambi (9.20 Mbps), Lampung (9.29 Mbps), Central Kalimantan (9.90 Mbps) and West Sumatra (10.64 Mbps).

There was also no province with the statistically fastest median mobile upload speed, though four provinces had median upload speeds greater than 12.50 Mbps: West Papua (12.97 Mbps), East Nusa Tenggara (12.89 Mbps), Bangka Belitung Islands (12.84 Mbps) and Bali (12.55 Mbps). Every province had a median upload speed greater than 7.50 Mbps, except West Sumatra (6.92 Mbps), Central Java (7.34 Mbps) and North Maluku (7.36 Mbps).

5G services and devices have been launched earlier by Ooredoo in Kuwait in collaboration with Huawei. Currently, Ooredoo is speeding up the delivery of more network stations to be 5G-ready in Kuwait and Oman, which will offer about 100 times faster download speed than 4G networks. In 2020, Ooredoo will launch 5G commercial services in additional countries across the Ooredoo footprint.

The most advanced solution available on 4G technology, the implementation of Massive MIMO is part of an evolution towards 5G. Using the next generation of wireless technology it will dramatically increase the speed at which data is transferred across the network to 100 times faster than cellular connections and 10 times faster than the speediest home broadband service.

Subscribers in Indonesia and the Philippines saw nearly-identical download speeds just above 8 Mbps, putting the two countries in a virtual tie for download speed. When comparing only 4G speeds, the Philippines ekes out a small lead, but since Filipino mobile users spend more time on 3G than anyone else, the average is diminished slightly.

Within Malaysia, Celcom had the fastest network, with average download speeds of nearly 15 Mbps. Maxis was in a close second place, and its average download speed of 13.3 Mbps is nearly indistinguishable from that of Celcom.

The average download speed for the Philippines overall is extremely similar to that for Indonesia, but with a different distribution of records. While customers in Indonesia have the choice between a fast network, a slow network, and a series of average networks, customers in the Philippines have a choice of two networks barely separated by 2 Mbps for download speed.

At a global ranking for data gathered until March 2022, UAE retained its spot as the country with the fastest mobile speed, with a median of 135.35 Mbps. Qatar and Saudi Arabia both stepped up their rankings by one, sitting on the third (120.69 Mbps) and seventh (102.79 Mbps) spots, respectively. Moreover, Kuwait jumped two positions higher, achieving the eighth spot globally with 96.23 Mbps.

It is worthy to note that based on mean download speed, UAE and Qatar have been included in the top 10 list of fastest countries for mobile internet since 2019. UAE is reigning at the top since 2020, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also improved their mobile speeds in the last two years.

A good internet speed is at between 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps. These kind of speeds will keep your online activity, such as streaming HD video, streaming 4K video, online gaming, web browsing, social media browsing and downloading music.

Other speed tests, especially tests offered by your Internet provider try to eliminate routing factors. This can make your connection appear faster than it really is. Truthfully, do you want to know how fast your connection is within your providers network or do you want to know how fast it is to the locations where the websites you visit are being hosted? is not a best case scenario connection test and will test your Internet under real world conditions. [read more]

Among East Asian cities, Seoul ranked No. 1, followed by Singapore. The two cities, which offer average download speeds greater than 45 Mbps, were both among the fastest cities in the world, let alone East Asia, OpenSignal said.

The report identified a large group of cities in the region with average 4G download speeds at or below the global average of 16.9 Mbps, including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Jakarta.

Fixed and mobile networks around the world continued to get faster last year, according to new figures from Ookla. On average, global mobile network download speeds increased 16.8% between November 2021 and November 2022, while fixed broadband speeds jumped 28% on a global basis.

In terms of network speeds by country, Ookla named the top 10 countries with the fastest fixed broadband download speeds as: Chile, China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United States, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Monaco and Romania.

"We used Speedtest Intelligence data to observe performance in the lead up to, and during the FIFA World Cup . 5G performance increased from a median download of 394.2 Mbps and upload of 19.93 Mbps 10 weeks before the event, while hitting a median download speed of 489.29 Mbps and median upload speed of 38.36 Mbps during the second week of the World Cup . Ooredoo and Vodafone have played a crucial role in driving increased 5G performance at the World Cup with both mobile network operators neck-and-neck in terms of 5G download performance," the report explained. 041b061a72


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